Agroturystyka Ostrów Kierwinski okolice Lidzbarka Warmińskiego, Olsztyna

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About them, about the house and about the near and far surroundings.


They said: “It all started as if in a fairytale: Once upon a time, beyond the forests, beyond the lakes…”

They met, - that is Beata from Warmia, a daughter of a forest ranger and Waldek, a Mazowian city boy - over 26 years ago. They said: “We fell for each other. What united us were love, adventurous spirits and scouting.”

Then there was the wedding (also in a civil/scout ceremony), the birth of their only son Łukasz, the work in a city… Their longings for an independence for the freedom of wind, the limitless fields, the quiet of a forest and the blue of a lakes never left them…

Eventually it did happen. One day they decided to leave behind the stressful ‘city life’, to sell all their possessions and to vanish into the wilderness.

They found a place and they fell in love with a homestead in Kierwiny, and - not to anyone’s surprise - settled there near Lidzbark Warminski for good. They still love the place.

It passed almost seven years since they started the cleaning, the refurbishing, the rebuilding and the extensions of the property. With, sometimes moderate and sometimes thin budget, most of the work was done with their own hands. Every week the place looked better and better and today the settlement is ready to receive first guests. They say that it is virtually self-sufficient in regard to food.

They reside on a small farm. Now they have their own built agroturism business with a self contained rooms.

There is a heard of goats, they feed their healthy porkers, pamper their chickens. There are few cats not to mention the dog.

Beata’s cooking is legendary. Besides her cooking they smoke their our own sausages and hams. They produce their own cheeses of goat and cow milk; cream cheeses, sweets and cakes. Does it sound unbelievable? Yes, yes it does but that is not all! They bake their own sour dough bread. They make preserves from strawberries, plums and sour cherries. They call the place “A Little Eden”.

Their little Eden has a quite significant history, of over four hundred years.
The property is located on an old island of now nonexistent lake (they called it Ostrow Kierwinski - Kierwiener Werder) because it connects with the old, glorious time of the homestead.

Not far from the homestead is a forest and just a few kilometres away is a lake.

Tranquillity - there is one neighbour only. The nearest village is over 2 km away and that is all.

The homestead offers to the guests four, self contained rooms. These are: one room for two, two rooms for three, and one room for four. All have individual bathrooms and TV. Wireless Internet access is provided.

They serve three meals per a day: breakfast, lunch and a supper. During fine days the meals are served on a veranda with an umbrellas as a shade and a views worth a million. When there is an overcast the meals are served inside. Additionally there is a kitchen annex with a fridge, gas cooker and a microwave. Utensils and cutlery are provided.


The property is located 5 km from Lidzbark Warminski. Within 50-80 km there are attractions like the city of Olsztyn or the city of Kaliningrad. Within short driving distance there are: Stoczek Abbey (Klasztor w Stoczku), Saint Linden (Święta Lipka), Wolf’s Entrenchment (Wilczy Szaniec), Frombork and the Wistula Bay.


They have a playground for children with a little house, a slide and sand boxes. There is also a horse cart, and a little pool.

For the food lovers there is the quite noteworthy cook Beata (the landlady), with her original and wholesome dishes. Grill and a bone fire are easily organised, weather permitting.

Sport lovers can expect a lot of entertainment too. They have bicycles for hire to wander about… Not far away there is the Mont of the Cross for skiers {2010/2011 closed} (skiing during the Winter and quads during the Summer time). Swimmers will find their pleasures in lakes. Motocross, Polish cross-country, martial arts competitions are just around ‘the corner’ and last but not least is the horse riding in equestrian estates.

If you have a soft spot for history then Waldek, the proprietor, could be your passionate companion - he is a history enthusiast. There is a plentiful of ancient castles to see and many other curious places like eg. the Devil’s Rock,

As a surprise for booklovers, there in the homestead is a self contained library of over 3 thousands of books (mostly in Polish, but some in Russian, German and English) on a variety of subjects.

In season one can undertake the collecting of mushrooms and drying them there (they have a mushroom drier) for taking; if you do not like mushrooms then you just simply go angling for fish in the near lakes and while fishing it is a must to watch wildlife like a deer, stork, hare and many, many more.

If, on the other hand, you want to stay cosy inside you can see from the windows local birds, blooming trees and maybe a beaver or two. In the end if you do not want to watch anything than you cannot resist the fragrance of the Lilac in May, of the Linden in July or of the hay virtually all the time during the Summer.

You will be wholeheartedly welcomed there by Beata and Waldek Seferyński


Standard price List.

One day stay in the homestead per person per night -- 150.00 zl; breakfast and lunch inclusive. Plus any book in your native language as a gift to our library :-)

Season price List.

Season is defined as: Christmas Eve Day, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Year Day, Easter.

One day stay in homestead per person per night - 250.00 zl; breakfast, lunch and supper inclusive. Plus any book in your native language as a gift to our library :-)

We require booking fee of (minimum) 30% - 50 % paid at the time of booking by cash or bank transfer.

Bookings are essential.

Custom stay an extra charge.

How to get there.

Route 1.

(Route via Olsztyn , Dobre Miasto, Lidzbark Warminski, Bartoszyce for border crossing in Bezledy into Russia, Kaliningrad).

Leaving Lidzbark Warminski take the right turn into the direction of Wozlawki and Jeziorny (a road sign in Lidzbark and tourist information about Stoczek Klasztorny).

On the fork turn left for Wozlawki. Drive for approx. 2km and you should find a crossing of disused rail track - you are driving in the right direction. After another 3 km, slow down and on the left side of the road you will notice blue info. sign: “Ostrow Kierwinski ---> Kierwiny 53, 54 Agroturystyka”. Turn right into field roadway and you will see in distance on the left our homestead.

If you are in Kierwiny village you’ve driven too far.

Route 2.

(Route via Szczytno, Biskupiec, Bisztynek for border crossing in Bezledy to Russia, Kaliningrad).

In Wozławki take the left turn in the direction of Lidzbark Warminski (road sign). Drive trough Kiwity, Kierwiny. 2 km past Kierwiny there is a Deer farm on the right. Slow down. On the right side of the road you will notice blue info. sign: “Ostrow Kierwinski <--- Kierwiny 53, 54 Agroturystyka”. Turn left into a gravel field roadway and you will see in distance on the left our homestead.

If you are in Klajtow, Sarnowa or Lidzbark Warminski you’ve driven too far.

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